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Written by Spring Mission Team on Mar. 19, 2014
Nice project! We like your illustrations!
Written by Ruby on Mar. 19, 2014
Great illustrations and website! Can't wait to get this for Christmas time!! I look forward to seeing more work from you.
Written by Leo Hartas on Mar. 18, 2014
Wonderful Christmas book and web site. Made me all Christmassy!
Written by Barbara Ann Mojica on Mar. 18, 2014
Thanks for liking my page and inviting me to sign your guest book. Never a bad time to think about Christmas memories!
Written by Lucie Mizutani on Mar. 18, 2014
Nice home feeling. Christmas should be always about warm memories.
Written by Nancy Evans on Mar. 17, 2014
Wonderfully heartwarming book! And I think the clarity and softness of the illustrations .
Written by Colleen Brice on Mar. 16, 2014
'A Glimpse from Christmas Past' has a traditional, wholesome feel about it. It is quite lovely. C.Brice- South Africa.
Written by Lorraine Carey on Mar. 14, 2014
Awesome sight!
Nice to see good clean family entertainment.
Written by Katherine Crawford on Feb. 14, 2014
Our family enjoyed reading this book as a bedtime story each night during the Christmas season. The children enjoyed the story and we loved the fact that it reminds us of the real meaning of Christmas.
Written by Katherine Wright on Jan. 11, 2014
I enjoyed reading your book! - Delco, Pa

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