It Did Not Disappoint! - September 26, 2014

It did not disappoint. It transported me back to a time I … September 26, 2014

I was very excited to get this book and read the story. I took it to my deck, sat down alone, and quietly read it for the first time. It did not disappoint. It transported me back to a time I hold dear in my heart, when my father would take my 3 brothers and me down town at Christmas. It also reminded me of a simpler time, when Christmas was just magical. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I know I will read it to my grandchildren (and myself) many, many times. My father loved the snow and Christmas. His favorites. I miss him dearly and he would have just loved this story.

Very Enjoyable! - February 19, 2014

Diane reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past

This book brought back many special memories of growing up in a much simpler time and day. Especially enjoyed what Christmases in the past really meant and how we cherished them……………..not the commercial emphasis as we know it today. Nicely illustrated. Would definitely recommend this book to those who would enjoy the “real” meaning of Christmas

A Great Christmas Story! - October 18, 2013

Deborah Keating reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past

This is an adorable book that is well written and colorfully illustrated. It brings back fond memories of trips to downtown Philly to see the beautiful displays and Christmas shows at Wanamakers and of course to see Santa Claus. A great book to read to the kids on Christmas Eve!

Wonderful holiday story to be enjoyed all year! October 13, 2013

Rachel Quay reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past

This is a delightful story for both young and old. It reminds readers of all the holiday joys each of us holds close to our hearts. The author writes about a beautiful and magical experience of his youth when he met with Santa Claus. Something a children dream about. My 3 and 6 year old daughters loved the story as much as me.

Marianna Llanos/AuthorTristan Wolf - August 25, 2013

You better get hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies ready; light the tree and hang the mistletoe by the doorway. Don’t forget to play Jingle Bells on your iPod. Snuggle in your most comfortable onesies and a blanket by the fireplace and get the children ready to hear a delightful Christmas story. Wait! I forgot it’s only August! A Glimpse from Christmas Past pulled me in the spirit of Christmas and reminded me of classics like A Christmas Carol or It’s a Wonderful Life.

Told in first person, it narrates the story of a young man that goes shopping on Christmas Eve in his city, (because of the streets and landmarks named, we can guess it’s downtown Philadelphia). Strolling down the decorated and snowy streets, he stops to see a Santa Claus through a window shop, who is listening to children’s wishes and reminding them to keep off the naughty list. But something seems familiar and when his eyes meet with Santa’s he remembers a night many years ago, when that same old man and his reindeer visited his house!
This is definitely a nice story to read aloud to your children, perfect for getting in the mood for the upcoming holiday season. The illustrations are nicely done, with plenty of details to help the young minds follow the story and make their own story lines. And if it’s not Christmas but you’re nostalgic for it, this book will surely bring you the joy and warmth of the season, like it did to me!
Mariana Llanos

A great Christmas story for all ages! July 27, 2014

A great Christmas story for all ages! July 27, 2014

A great Christmas story for all ages. This is a wonderful book to be enjoyed with your family during the most beautiful time of year.


It brought back Memories! - June 19, 2013

Sammy reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past

It brought back memories of how the Christmas Holidays were celebrated in the Philadelphia area when we were growing up. It will be shared with our young Grandchildren so they can enjoy it.

A Great Holiday Book! - May 19, 2013

N. Cardella reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past

Great holiday book. I can’t wait to read this to my kids at bedtime during the holidays this year. A “must read” for anyone from the Philadelphia region, but an all-round holiday treasure that anyone can enjoy. This book will become part of your holiday traditions for years to come.

D.C. Donahue - Interview with Book Review

Oct. 28, 2014
Author Interview - Book Review
Please feel free to check out my author interview on the "Book Review: website:
Oct. 28, 2015
I Loved this book - Amazon review 10/27/15
"I enjoyed reading this book very much, brought me back to my childhood and reminded me of my childlike imagination. I am a Christmas person, love the holidays and all that they bring. This book is very descriptive bringing to mind all the joys of the five senses....I was brought back in time myself, looking in the shop window, seeing Santa, the children lined up to sit on his lap and tell him what presents they hoped to get. I felt very nostalgic, thinking about family, food, goodies, the excitement it brings to children, the magic, the lights and decorations. I love the interaction with Santa and the young boy. The illustrations are colorful and cheerful, depicting the time and adding to the story. Very enjoyable!"
Oct. 28, 2015
Break out the tea and cookies - Goodreads review 10/15
Donna Parker's review Oct 27, 15
5 of 5 stars
Read on October 27, 2015

I loved this book, very descriptive, for those who really enjoy the holiday season the author brings you to a nostalgic place, remembering his childhood, the excitement and magic the season brings. His interaction with Santa on Christmas Eve over tea and cookies is heartwarming to the imagination. The illustrations colorful and cheery. A great addition to your holiday collection.

Full of Ambiance - August 29, 2013

Christine Corretti - reviewed A Glimpse From Christmas Past
 full of ambiance August 29, 2013
This is so cute. It's cozy and fun, brings out the spirit of Christmas to a T. Read it by the fire or under the tree and it'll make great memories for you and your kids. Love the vintage city descriptions. Reminds me of old movies about XMAS.


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